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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blogspot Blog Setup

Are you a beginner blogger or someone who just want to start blogging quickly with ease?

Considering the merits between Blogger or Wordpress For Beginners?

Or already decided to have a blogspot setup?

You just started a blogspot blog site, but wonder why your published pages are not showing up, or you like to incorporate third party HTML/Javascript or Facebook Page Badge and easily let your visitors click a Facebook Like and Share button?

How to start blogging in blogspot discusses some common,simple problems you may  encounter and solution and how to link blogspot to Facebook are shown with simple clear screenshots to guide you.

The site does not cover the to absolute basics such as clicking around to get the blogspot sub-domain name which may be too simplistic for most. But it should cover most or some of the frequent or common problems or wish-list encountered when you you start a blogspot blog.

For some who is still unsure between Blogspot or Wordpress, read on to decide for you which is better - Blogspot or Wordpress? This is based on the author's own overall personal evaluation of simplicity, pricing (both are free), google analytics, potential earnings, and SEO. In a nutshell, generally speaking, take Blogger. 

Below are screenshots of the Blogger / Blogspot how-tos or quick fix tutorials.

Disclaimer:  Disclaimer:  This is one of my other blogspot sites.  However, this should not be in any way intended for self-praise or showing off myself. This recommendation is for those who may be interested in starting a blog free.

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