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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Writing, Translating.and Bookmarking

1. Writing

If you just want to write some text online, or even a book without a bright & glaring screen, consider this:


  • Dark background easy on eyes
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free
  • Pro has more features and it's not too pricey
Of course, if you want a more powerful notes-taking free solution - Evernote can be your helper. But I'm not sure if Evernote has a more conducive or similar writing experience feature than above Writer though.

2. Translating

Google has done well again and again. In addition to the search and gmail, then the google map app and now google translate app. All free.  With Google translate app, you can speak into it and have the translation done, or even scan the foreign document with the app and then finger touch the unfamiliar word for the meaning, in addition to typing and write the word with the finger e.g. Chinese.

3. Bookmarking

Consider Pocket to save your bookmarks. Free, online bookmarking solution. Been around for quite sometime. It supports the popular browsers for computers and has mobile apps too.

Hope that helps :-)

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